Are Fuel Cells Fool´s Cells?

Are fuel cells a technology for idiots – and are batteries in return the only blissful future technology?

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„Thank you so much for your commitment! I am very satisfied with you, your friendly communication and the work that you deliver. That’s why I can only rate you as very good. When it comes to thermodynamics and hydrogen topics in particular, then you are the right person to contact!“

Dr. Pierre Maccioni, Senior Advisor, Ad-Venta
“Wenger Engineering GmbH has real expert knowledge in the fields of hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles. This helped us to make significant progress.”
Sybille Riepe, CEO, motum GmbH
“Wenger Engineering GmbH from Germany is the industry accepted thermodynamics expert. The algorithm they developed is used at every hydrogen fueling station in the world today.”
Chris McWhinney, CEO, Millenium Reign LLC, Dayton, Ohio (USA)

About me.

Dear visitors and friends,

I am David Wenger, founder of Wenger Engineering GmbH. Originally from Switzerland, I have been living in Ulm/Germany for 14 years and have been “married” to the topic of hydrogen and fuel cells for the same time.

Since 2008 I have been intensively involved in the development of hydrogen filling stations and infrastructure worldwide, since about 2013 in the field of power-to-gas. I claim to have done pretty much everything in this field, from component development to system design to standardization (e.g. all simulations for the SAE J2601, which applies to all filling stations worldwide).

Our customers are almost all companies from Japan to Silicon Valley that are active in this field. In addition, we have also developed various battery projects, offshore wind turbines, high-voltage electronics and other things.

What you can expect of the ebook.

Elon Musk is also known for his snappy lines. One of them ist:
„Fuel Cells are Fool’s Cells.“

This loosely translates to: fuel cells are made for fools/idiots. This saying of course sounds funny as it rhymes. However, we all know: Just because something rhymes it doesn’t necessarily need to be true.

Are fuel cells a technology made for idiots – and are batteries in turn the one and only blessing bringing forward-looking technology? My answer will twice be an evident: NO! Definitely not!

For this reason, I have written a brief position paper (available here for free as an ebook) to answer the question „Are Fuel Cells Fool’s Cells?“.

It has only about four pages, so it is fast and easy to read. Here you will find some thoughts and background information on the subject of hydrogen as an energy source – but also on the energy transition in general. So if you are interested in this topic, I recommend reading it.

Your David Wenger

PS: It is important to me that you form your own opinion. Therefore, you are welcome to send your thoughts and suggestions to us: solution(at)

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